Friday, June 10, 2011

The Dip in the Nip

On Saturday June 25th, my sister Luarena and I will be joining up to 500 other women at a beach in north west Ireland (location disclosed on the day for reasons you'll see below!). It's called The Dip in the Nip.

We're running into the sea in our altogethers. As in:


 It was all dreamed up by Máire Garvey after she went to see a psychic who told her she saw her in the sea, naked, with loads of other women! An idea was born and now, three years later, she's expecting about 500 women to partake. The money goes to cancer charities in Ireland and this year we are also raising money for head cooling machines which help to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy.


Even more amazing is that it's actually ILLEGAL to be naked publicly in Ireland but, just to show how stupid that is, the Army and the Gardai (Police) will out be out to protect our dignity and keep prying eyes away.
Here's an wonderful video, presented by Terry Wogan, on the BBC.

Síle Seoige, one of our top TV and radio personalities will be broadcasting her show, Shenanigans with Síle on Newstalk FM, from the location that day.

I have asked all my friends, followers on Twitter, family members and my entire mailing list to please donate €1 each to help me raise money for this cause.

Here's my fundraising page: Maya's Dip in the Nip

Ah, go on, give €1, it's less than the price of a cup of coffee.

A thousand thanks.


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